Attention: If you’re a great candidate with the experience and skills to be good at what you do, BUT you’re not getting the activity level you expected in your job search, this may be the most valuable thing you’ll ever read…..

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Find out how to get a job
anytime, anywhere, in any economy
My 8-Step Method will turn any regular job seeker
(just like you) into a Job-Getting Champion.

Dear Job Seeker,

Even in a good market, job searching is nerve-wracking.

In a bad economy, it’s challenging, difficult, and morale-draining.

We’re in a bad one. Still. If you’re like most folks looking for a job right now, I bet you’re disappointed and probably even discouraged with the responses you’ve been getting. And no wonder. It’s an employers’ market right now, which means that even if you are great at what you do, the deck is stacked against you from the get-go.

Who controls whether or not you get a job?

You’re probably beginning to believe (if you don’t already) that all the power and control over your job search belongs to the employer. That’s not true.

The truth is that with the right training,
  • You can control your job search.
  • You can make a great outcome happen.
  • You can land the job you want—when you want.

Control Your Own Career Success!

I can show anyone how to become a “Superstar” job candidate.

I’ve been doing it for years as a recruiter and career coach. I work with candidates every day who have at least one of these issues, but most have several:

  • A weak resume
  • No idea how to really use LinkedIn
  • Rely on job boards like to learn about job openings
  • Don’t know how to interview well
  • Don’t know how to follow up if they do manage to get an interview

I bet that you’re struggling with one or more of these issues, too. Like I said, most people do. The job search is not something that people do every day, so their skills are usually “less” than what they’re happy with.

It doesn’t matter what the problem is. If you are facing difficulty in the job market,

My 8-Step Method can teach you how to land the job you want—every time.

And it works.

I get calls from candidates all the time who have learned these techniques and landed a job.

They tell me all about how

  • learning these secrets boosted their confidence
  • they were able to find jobs no one else knew about
  • they were ready for every interview question
  • they were able to turn around interviews that weren’t going well
  • they got the job even with no experience

Here’s one:
Worth its weight in gold”


I just wanted to let you know that I landed a new job last Friday thanks in part to the coaching, webinars, and helpful hints that I learned from you. It all begin over a month ago with that first telephone interview that I was so much better prepared for after having listened to you speak on Phone Interviews. Each step of the way during this long interview process I continually drew from tips learned on your website. This was truly an investment worth its weight in gold.

I was told by the recruiter that my “new” manager said that I was one of the most prepared candidates that he had interviewed.

Thank you for the very useful coaching that you provided which helped to make this all possible.
Mike Brown

So what makes our 8-Step Method so different?

The 8-Step Method was actually created by my business partner Carl Chapman and me. We have spent a combined total of 22 years recruiting and successfully placing candidates at every level of the job market in every part of the country. Our livelihoods always depended on our ability to “shape” candidates and mold them into “the one” who beat out everyone else. We got paid when our candidate got the job, so we were VERY motivated to figure out exactly what it was that put them over the top.

Over the years, we developed a “system” that we improved and refined with thousands of candidates.

We’ve added research on marketing, psychology, and more until we eventually developed a consistently successful step-by-step process that we could teach to every single candidate. And it works.

8 Critical Steps to Landing the Job that
Most Candidates Don’t Do Well

First, let us tell you about the 8 steps, because by now, I’m sure you’re pretty curious.

Step One – The Resume

Your resume is your marketing document. It’s basically how you get introduced to the company and a hiring manager who will eventually be your boss.

Most people have no idea how to write a resume. They don’t know what’s really important.

So they hire resume writers and spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars and still their resume misses the mark.

You don’t have to spend a whole lot of money on a resume for it to be effective.

But if you fail to include some critical pieces of information, it will kill your chances to snag an interview.

Unfortunately, not all resume writers get this right….

Carl and I show you:
  • How to make sure your resume gets noticed (and not thrown out) by HR systems
  • How to grab the reader’s attention
  • And what to leave off of your resume

After you’ve thoroughly mastered the resume and you have a selling document that’s ready to represent you, we’re going to move on to Step Two.

Step Two – Approaching Hiring Managers

Many people don’t know that applying for jobs online (like everyone does) is probably the biggest waste of time ever. It’s just not effective. So, Step Two of our method will teach you how to approach hiring managers directly in order to get an interview.

You’re going to learn skills and methods that you can’t get anywhere else, like:
  • Your four best opportunities for contacting the hiring manager
  • How to get the hiring manager’s attention
  • How to avoid looking desperate

We’ll show you how you can get a response like Jon did:

“I sent LinkedIn messages to 100 people last night with your strategy…I have received 5 responses back already and a manager from [name withheld] asked me to call him tomorrow!”


When you’ve completed Step Two you should have hiring managers not only interested but ringing your phone off the hook. So it’s time to make sure you’re ready for what happens next…

Step Three – Telephone Interview Prep

When a company is interested in you and your background, they will call you and conduct a phone interview.

This is the place where most candidates (jobseekers) fail miserably—mostly because no one has ever taught them how to phone interview before.

In the phone interview no one can ever hire you – they can only fire you. What does that mean? It means that the phone interview is a “weeding out” process.

You have to get past/through the phone interview to get the face to face, where you can get a job offer!

Our phone interview prep stresses some critical things:
  • How to use your voice to make the interviewer like you
  • Techniques to make up for lack of body language
  • Fatal mistakes that almost everyone makes
  • And exactly what to say to get a face-to-face interview

Step Four – The Face-to-Face

Face-to-face interviewing is one of the most misunderstood parts of the job search. It is a nerve-wracking experience for most folks. They’re not crazy—each and every phase of the F2F is fraught with danger. The employer is interested, but looking closely for flaws.

In our face-to-face interview training we teach you:
  • The BEST interview prep techniques
  • What you MUST DO to present yourself as a strong, confident candidate
  • The tricks to avoiding behaviors that sink your interview
  • The words to use that give YOU control over the interview
  • How to handle additional interview styles (behavioral, panel, etc.)

How you interview makes all the difference. See what happened with Karen:

Dear Peggy and Carl,

I am happy to report that I have landed a job with the State of Idaho, administrative support in the International Business Division.

Thank you for all of your support, encouragement, and for providing the tools necessary to put into the full-time search effort. I originally found Peggy’s videos searching on You Tube. A month or so prior, I had blown a second interview on an inside sales position with Regence BlueShield. Simply the dear in the headlights syndrome for some of my behavioral interview answers. Being depressed about this for weeks, I mean laying around in my PJ’s, dazed and in a real funk. I finally got out of the pity party and found your videos, ultimately leading me to sign up for total access, which has really made a difference, and so worth the investment.

I feel so much more confidence and felt hope, that there would be light at the end of the tunnel. After almost a year of unemployment, the rejection can wear on you. I had 20 interviews over 11 months, but only felt I did a great job on the last 2 of them, thanks to my study of your materials. Attitude is everything!

My resume was okay (it was generating interviews), but I did tweak it with more keywords based on your suggestions. What really helped, was studying my answers to questions and practice. It’s really amazing – you know yourself, but putting it into words when you’re nervous and so much is on the line, is really difficult. It was nice to hear you say that I wasn’t the only one that was having this difficulty.

Thank you again for all you do and sharing your knowledge. I will spread the word and share my good fortune of discovering you.

Best regards,
Karen Parnell

As additional reinforcement to make sure that you do the best you possibly can in the face-to-face, we spend an additional hour taking you through the 30/60/90 day plan—which is Step Five.

Step Five – 30/60/90 Day Plan

Members of our club have told us that the 30/60/90 day plan is what got them the OFFER! (And isn’t that what we all need?)

We spend an entire hour talking, teaching, and coaching you through the plan—how to prepare and present it.

This plan puts you miles ahead of your competition.

When you use the plan, hiring manager can see you in the job (and being successful in the role).

Some of our clients that used the 30/60/90 day plan got jobs much higher up in the organization than the one that they were interviewing for.

It is a game changer in the interview.
  • The real purpose of the plan
  • How to create one, what it should look like
  • What you must include
  • What’s impressive to hiring managers
  • How to work it into your interview
  • What to say when you present it
  • How to make the plan part of your follow-up strategy

Dear Peggy,

I am so excited to tell you that I finally got the job!

I will be working for [details deleted]. I start next week.

Peggy, I know how you like to hear success stories from your clients. Feel free to use my email to help your portfolio of collectable success stories. I am proud to me one of them.

I’d like to take this opportunity to say “THANK YOU” for all of your advice. It is spot-on and truly works! I also feel that the difference was the 30-60-90 day Business Plan. Clearly that was the tool that differentiated me from my competition. That helped get me interview with the National Sales Director and Vice President of the Company.

Once again, thank you for giving me the confidence and the ability to properly prepare for a job interview. In this touchy economy, I feel very fortunate to get a job. Thanks again for all of your wonderful advice and help.

Best regards,
Cathy (Catherine DeSimone)

The other 3 steps that we will teach you are:
Brag Books in the Interview

Brag books are an amazing but under-utilized resource for convincing the hiring manager how great you are.

We spend an hour teaching you:
  • What your brag book MUST have
  • Why a brag book is so impressive
  • When to introduce it in the interview
  • Exactly what to say when you show it to the hiring manager

Closing in the Interview

Closing is a key interview technique that will increase your job search success more than anything else. We spend an hour going over it—how to do it and be comfortable with it, and:

  • How to discover what the hiring manager REALLY wants to hear
  • How to uncover the real objections to hiring you—and get past them
  • How to recognize a “buying signal”
  • How to (gracefully) push for an answer NOW—and why you must

Almost all candidates I teach this technique to are very uncomfortable with it, but I hear from them all the time that they “heard my voice” in the interview when it was time to close and just did it—and it worked!

Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up

This one step can be the stumbling block to getting a paycheck next month.

You’ll learn everything you need to know about thank you notes:
  • When to send it
  • What you must say
  • How to get another interview with it
  • How to even use it for damage control

But-Even the 8 Steps Don’t Stand Alone

As fantastic as our 8-Step Method is, we want you to get as much benefit out of it as possible. See, when we teach our candidates and clients these techniques, we talk to them. They have the chance to ask questions, clarify, and get our opinions on specific circumstances they encounter. (“Hey, Peggy, the hiring manager said xyz…what do I do?”)

Now, that’s a big deal: the chance to not just take in this information, but to discuss it.

That kind of mentorship and coaching is invaluable to a jobseeker. If you’ve ever had a mentor in your career, you know just how priceless that is.

And we want to provide you with the highest-quality experience possible.

So we’re delivering these 8-Steps to you as part of a comprehensive job search training mentorship experience called

The Total Access Coaching Club

Here’s what to expect:

Each of these 8 Steps will be delivered to you as a one-hour weekly training session.

Then, every other week, we’ll have a one-hour LIVE Q&A session. Carl and I take questions from members and address their hottest “need-to-know” topics. You’ll see what’s going on with other job seekers and will also be able to learn from their experiences.

As a bonus, we record every single Q&A session! They are indexed and searchable, so that you can look for any topic that might concern you right now in your job search situation.

You can look up “new graduate,” “ageism,” “over 40,” “employment gap,” “laid off,” or whatever it is that is causing you trouble in your job search.

Instantly upon joining, members have access to every coaching call that we have posted since the beginning of the club. That’s a tremendous amount of information just waiting for you.

The Total Access Coaching Club is
Easy, Effective, Expert Job Search Training

How does it work?

When you join, you’ll receive exclusive membership login details.

  • You’ll be able to access all membership resources immediately.
  • It’s that easy.
  • The videos play online, in your browser just like YouTube.
  • Our video training is available 24/7/365, so you can train when it’s convenient.
  • You can login from any computer anywhere on earth as long as it’s connected to the Internet – your membership login is the key.
  • Participation is easy for the Q&A sessions, too.
  • We use GoToWebinar, the world’s largest webinar provider as our host.
  • Every other week you will automatically be registered for the upcoming call.
  • Listen in from any computer anywhere in the world.
  • If you can’t make a specific call because of a conflict, there’s no problem because we record the call for you.
  • As long as you’re a member of the club, you’ll have access to the library of recorded coaching calls as well as the eight step training program, any time day or night.

The Total Access Coaching Club
Saves You Money AND Makes You Money!

We sell each of the videos in our 8 Steps as separate products on our website, every day for $97 apiece.

Then there’s the live call where we answer your most pressing questions.

We both charge $250 an hour for a private coaching session, with both of us on the call for at least an hour that means that one of those calls is worth at least $500.

And you also have the entire library of Q&A calls that have been recorded.

Are you starting to add all that up yet?

That’s almost $800 of training videos.

Let’s be conservative and say you participate in 4 live Q&A sessions—that’s worth $2000.

Let’s continue to be conservative and say you only access 10 hours of recorded sessions (but there are MANY more hours than that)—that’s worth $5000.

So, if you limited yourself to this kind of low-to-medium level of participation in the Total Access Coaching Club, you’d be getting $7800 worth of the very best job-getting advice based on years of experience with thousands of candidates.

It’s life-changing coaching, and we have the letters to prove it.

Guess how much it’s going to cost you?

Only $97 a month.

That may sound like a lot if you’re out of work, and it might even feel like a lot but …

I’m willing to bet that anyone reading this would pay $97 for a guaranteed job right now.

And that’s the offer we’re making.

The Total Access Coaching Club is Guaranteed

Just like every other product offered by Career Confidential, the Total Access Coaching Club has a 365-day, unconditional money-back guarantee.

You could try the TAC Club for 364 days. If you truly didn’t believe that you had received enormous benefit from this program, we’ll cheerfully give you your money back. (Well, maybe not cheerfully, because we want to help you and we’ll be very disappointed if we don’t—but at least you’ll get it back with no hassle.)

In addition, you have our commitment to keep your information private.

There’s nothing to lose, and a whole lot to gain.

Join the TAC Club NOW.

Don’t miss out on finding and landing the job that’s perfect for you!

The Total Access Club is Your Ticket to the Job You Want!

Just imagine…

When you join the Total Access Coaching Club, you can:

  • Say “Goodbye” to worrying about where your next job is coming from—you’ll go find it!
  • Say “Goodbye” to overwhelming stress over your interview—you’ll know exactly what to say!
  • Say “Goodbye” to feeling helpless in your career—you’ll know how to take charge of it!

With the skills you’ll learn with us, you’ll soon be saying:

  • “Hello” to confidence!
  • “Hello” to optimism!
  • “Hello” to success!

Need something to sweeten the deal?

In case you’re on the fence about the TAC Club, and you’re not entirely reassured by our risk-free, money-back guarantee, we’ll throw in this BONUS:

When you join the Total Access Coaching Club,
we’ll throw in, for absolutely FREE,
our very popular Podcast SixPack.

These podcasts are shorter, “portable” discussions of the following topics:
  • References
  • Phone Interviews
  • Panel Interviews
  • Behavioral Event Interviews
  • Brag Books
  • Closing for the Job

It’s job training on the go! Listen at your convenience. Listen to them on your way to your next job interview and arrive feeling confident and ready for anything!

Each of these podcasts sells every day on our website for $17.

But you get them FREE as a SuperPack when you join the Total Access Coaching Club!

WARNING: To get this bonus, you have to join now.

OK…you’re still reading, so you haven’t pulled the trigger (or clicked the button, as the case may be).

What’s holding you back?

Is it the money?

I don’t know what else to tell you there. It is $97 per month. When you access the club, you’re going to see it for the bargain that it is. And there is a money-back guarantee, which at least takes the risk out of it for you.

And, everything about the TAC Club is specifically designed to get you a better job that you could get on your own, and faster than you’d probably manage to do it. If you get a job even a month faster, it will pay for your membership many times over.

And the skills you’ll learn here will help you in every job search you undertake from now on. When you’re able to get better-paying jobs over the course of your career, and spend much less time unemployed because you know how to get a job quickly—well, that’s going to easily add up to tens of thousands of extra dollars over your lifetime.

So it can’t be the money.

Maybe you just don’t believe us

and you’re thinking something like, “Yeah, right. What a lot of hype! There are too many people competing for too few jobs right now. It’s impossible to get the kind of results you’re promising.”

If you need some reassurance, go back to our website, Career Confidential, and go though our “Testimonials.” Then, go to our LinkedIn pages and check out our recommendations. We have hundreds of letters, emails, and recommendations that are proof of our success with candidates.

Maybe you’re still thinking that you can do it yourself.

There’s enough information available online that you can piece it together yourself and do just fine.

To borrow a phrase from Dr. Phil, “How’s that working for you?” Now, please don’t think we’re being disrespectful. But we know you must be reading that online information already, and if it’s still taking you so long to find a job that you’re becoming uncomfortable, it’s time to do something different.

And it’s not a weakness to get help. It’s smart.

Here’s what I mean:

Let’s assume that you are good at your job. (I know you are, but let’s follow the argument here.) How did you get that way? You learned a set of skills that allows you to complete the tasks of your job quickly and efficiently, with great results. How did you get those skills? Someone taught you. Either in college, or in a certification class, or on the job. You had training to get the skills to do well at that task.

Job searching requires skills, just like anything else. How do you get those skills?

You weren’t taught them in college, that’s for sure. You didn’t learn them on the job. (What employer is going to teach you how to interview with someone else?)

The Total Access Coaching Club is your opportunity to access two job searching experts with years of solid, successful experience in what it takes to be a top candidate.

And the qualities you need to be a top candidate are the same across every career area.

That’s why you’ll be able to take these skills and apply them to every job search you’ll have in the future.

Remember, when you join the Total Access Coaching Club, you get:
  • The proven 8-Step Method to landing a job anywhere, anytime, in any economy
  • Bi-weekly LIVE Q&A sessions with two job-getting experts with X years of candidate-shaping experience between them
  • Access to every single past Q&A session in an indexed, searchable format

That’s comprehensive coaching expertise easily worth $7800, available to you for $97 a month.

When you see what a difference this is going to make in your job search,
that $97 is going to seem like the bargain of a lifetime.

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