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Job Searching During the Holidays

True or False?   Companies stop hiring during November and December.


One of the top myths of job searching is that no one hires during the holidays—but that’s just not true.  But many job seekers take a break from the search during the holidays because they believe it (and because they get distracted by family plans and holiday parties).

The truth is, the end of the year is a great time to land a job.

I know as a recruiter, we don’t see any drop in business during the holidays, and January is always one of our busiest times of year—and the groundwork was often laid in December.

Why are the holidays a great opportunity to get the job?

1.       You can take advantage of the fact that other candidates have temporarily dropped out of the race—because they believe the myth.  That means there’s less competition for you, and a much greater chance to stand out.

2.       Companies don’t stop needing great employees in November and December. You never know when they’re going to have an opening, and often, they have their own end-of-year deadlines to meet to fill a spot.  Don’t miss it.

3.       Networking opportunities are plentiful during the holidays—holiday parties, professional networking events, and all kinds of social occasions.  Even though you should tread lightly and make a point of gathering information, you should definitely let people know you’re looking.  (Here's a link to a quick video - what to say when you're unemployed.)  It’s also a great idea to send out a funny or entertaining Christmas letter that mentions your search and what you’re looking for.  You never know where your next job lead might come from.

Look at the holiday season as a unique opportunity for your job search.  Goodwill and friendly feelings often abound at this time of year.  Absorb some of it, project some of your own, and stay motivated.  Your persistence will eventually pay off.

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