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Job Search Tip - Rethink Your Options and Opportunities in the Job Market

Sometimes we allow personal circumstances to trap us, and this goes for our job searches and career plans as well. For instance, you will hear comments about locations being an unreasonable commute, which narrows a job seeker's focus until he misses the opportunity that is right in front of him. It's not about downsizing your expectations.  It's about rethinking your options, your opportunities, and how you're positioning yourself in the job market.

First, if the job you need isn't materializing where you are, consider relocating.  A job market that looks dismal where you are can be hot somewhere else.  I myself have relocated for my career several times, and I enjoyed living in new places and meeting new people.  And it was fantastic for my career growth.

Second, think about moves that may be unorthodox. For example, if you work in the power industry, maybe a move to a local, state, or federal government job is available. Or, perhaps an overseas opportunity is possible because of some special skills you have. In particular, if you have some language skills you can brush up on, there are global opportunities that may surprise you. Developing countries like China, India, Brazil and locations in the Middle East are starved for infrastructure talent. The U.S. is greatly respected in many career areas. Perhaps the time has come to "export" your own skills. Not only can you pay the bills, but the tax advantages could prove dramatic.

Third, make sure you have really accurately assessed your skills.  What skills are transferable? Are you aware of all the opportunities that may fit your experience? Broadening the scope of potential opportunities can create a significant new option for you. If you are in construction and maintenance, maybe a lateral move supporting the health care industry will move you away from stagnating or shrinking opportunities toward growing, robust ones.  The same applies for sales, IT, accounting, or any number of other career fields.

Lastly, consider how you're positioning yourself in the job market.  No matter what career field you're in, you must think of your job search as a sales process in which you are the product.  Have you made yourself an attractive candidate?  Have you analyzed your competition and differentiated yourself?  Can you show a hiring manager why it's a great idea to hire you over someone else?  These are often a matter of attitude, but they can get a huge boost from using the right tools to market yourself.

Are you using the right tools with the right attitude for your job search?  Stop doing what isn't working, and move on to success!  Make sure you're on LinkedIn, build a brag book to go along with your resume, and learn to create a 30/60/90-day plan to bring to interviews.  Candidates who aren't getting results can often benefit from career coaching.  If you're not quite ready to invest in yourself with personalized coaching, at least dip your toes in the water and check out this free two-week trial offer for Career Confidential's Coaching Club.

The bottom line is this:  If you're struggling in the job search, there is something you can do. Try something new and get a different result!

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