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Job Interview Advice: Talking About Salary (aka The Money Question)

Of all job interview questions or issues, possibly the most anxiety-inducing one is the one about money.  What's your salary going to be?  How much are you worth?

As in all things, there is a time to talk, and a time to shut up.

And if you haven't already guessed, the time to talk about your future salary is NOT during your interview.

Watch this video to find out:

  • Where your focus must be to conduct a successful interview
  • How to deflect questions you're asked about money (exactly what you should say)
  • When it's OK to finally talk about it


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  1. smth

    Hello. I would like to know what you are supposed say when they bring out the money issue and it is too early for you to name your expectations.
    Where I live, during the first interview, in 95% of the cases, they ask you "what are your financial expectations?" and they insist until you to name the sum.
    A lot of companies pay different salaries for similar positions, so you can't really say you have a frame of reference.
    What are you supposed to answer to that question in this situation? For me the salary is important, but it is not the only variable in the equation. I am also interested in the company, the job, the development opportunities, the benefits that you get, etc (things that they don't really tell you in the fist interview). I tried to tell them that, but they still ask for a sum.
    How can you avoid the answer until you actually form a more elaborate opinion about that job and what is really expected of you?
    Thank you.

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