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Job Interview Tip: When Is It OK to Leave Your Brag Book?

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Brag books are nice additions to your interview document arsenal and help with your job interview preparation.  They are a collection of evidence of your accomplishments, and can include anything from awards, complimentary letters, performance ratings, examples of projects, recommendations, and more.  They fill in the blanks for hiring managers, and make them feel as if they know you better.  They're very impressive.

Recently, a candidate asked me if it's OK to give your potential employer a copy of your brag book.  Her feeling was that it would be a good reminder/reference for the hiring manager later on in the decision-making process.


Job Interview Strategy: What to Do With Your Brag Book

Because brag books (or 30/60/90-day plans, for that matter) are a relatively uncommon item to bring to interviews, some hiring managers aren't prepared to work them in to the process. And because you might not be completely comfortable with using them (combined with the fact that job interviews rattle your nerves), you might not be as assertive as you need to be in incorporating them into your interview.

So what happens is that you might be asked to just leave your brag book or 90-day plan with your interviewer so that he can read it later - but DON'T. Watch this video to see how to gracefully and effectively handle that situation:

Podcast: Brag Books Are a Unique Way to Sell Your Skills

Do you have a very important interview?  Make sure you have a brag book.  Brag books can be an absolutely critical way to tip the scales in your favor in an interview.  Not only do they highlight all your wonderful qualities, they allow you to demonstrate those intangible skills that make a great impression.  In this economy, you’re going to need all the help you can get for just about any job in medical sales, laboratory sales, medical device sales, imaging sales, biotech sales, or especially pharmaceutical sales.  So,  BREAK THE GLASS! You can listen to this podcast over and over.

What do you get for your $17?

  • What a brag book is
  • Why it definitely helps you shine in the interview and stand out over other candidates
  • How to make one–with specific examples, in great detail
  • When to introduce it in the interview–what to say, and how to say it, even if you’re not directly asked to show it

How important is your job interview?  BREAK THE GLASS!


Polish Up Your Brag Book

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See you at the top.


6 Creative Ways to Stand Out in the Job Search!

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One way to impress a hiring manager: SWOT Analysis

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